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2S LASER: Company specializing in laser welding services, focused on the precision engineering sector, dedicated to the manufacturing of molds, repair, injection molding, press tools, mechanical parts, and laser welding.

Website :

Our team meticulously designed and built a responsive website that not only captures the spirit of 2S Laser’s competence but also garantees a user-friendly experience for visitors. The website highlights the company’s wide range of services, which include mold fabrication and maintenance, injection molding, and press equipment.

Graphic charter: 

We are proud of our partnership with 2S Laser, specializing in laser welding services for the precision engineering sector. Our goal was to develop a distinct corporate identity as well as an online presence that reflected the precision and excellence associated with 2S Laser’s abilities.

 We were inspired by the precision and complexity of laser welding when creating a distinctive graphic charter for 2S Laser. The chosen color reflects that company’s activity and personality, signifying 2S Laser’s cutting-edge technology. The typography emphasizes professionalism and clarity, ensuring a consistent brand portrayal across all mediums.

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